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Metal Roofing

Steel Metal Panels manufactured in 24, 26 and 29 gauge steel and come in a variety of colors. Steel panel profiles including corrugated, wide rib, low profile and many more.

Standing Seam/Concealed Fastener Systems:

Standing seam metal roof panels are interlocked together at the edges to form a vertical seam. Seam heights vary, but the typical range is from 1-2 1/2 inches. For residential applications, the panels typically snap together without the use of exposed fasteners. This attachment method allows for expansion and contraction with changing temperatures, improving their lifespan and reducing wear on the roof deck. For greater strength and wind uplift capabilities these steel roof panels can be mechanically seamed.

Some benefits of using metal panels on your roof and siding include:

  • Long life span

  • Low maintenance

  • Fire resistant

  • Easy and fast installations

  • Sustainability

  • Customization

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